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                         Introduction to Horse Shows by Ali Remmen

                         Introduction to Horse Shows by Ali Remmen

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The first book in our new series of "down to earth" equestrian subjects. 

Introduction to Horse Shows will provide you with the information needed to help guide you through the begining of your show season.  The book has been written to answer all those questions that are commonly asked, plus provide you with some extra useful advice.  Topics include, classes and class rules, appropriate tack, ring craft, show preparation and many more. 


Rider Balanzer

Rider Balanzer

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The Rider Balanzer encourages maximum relaxation, allowing the rider to feel, balance and to follow the animal's movement.  Strengthens the rider's core muscles. Encourages the rider to close the angles of the body to absorb movement. A helping hand to all Novice riders. A valuable piece of safety equipment.  riders who are learning rising trot will understand more easily what is expected of them, enabling their body to feel the natural movement of the horse or pony.


Moving onto sitting trot and canter the Balanzer enables them to have a deeper seat allowing riders to feel stable and secure.


When jumping the rider holds the second strap encouraging them to follow horse/pony's movement over the fence. The Balanzer may be altered to accommodate the individual rider's special requirements.

The Balanzer is made from the best quality English leather handcrafted in the Midlands for maximum safety, comfort and long levity, ensuring the comfort of both horse and rider. 

The Balazer is designed by Ali Remmen and produced by Stephans, Equine Management Ltd Tel 00 44 (0)1825 840002