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Tips for the wet weather

Sunday 2nd June 2013 10:11am
Tips for the wet weather

Lets all dream of the warm summer days when were are at a show, the sun out and our horses/ponies have their wonderful summer coat. "Oh" we are not there yet just look out of the window and yes its raining!!!!

Tips for the wet weather...

Horse/pony's find it harder to keep up their body temperature up during wet weather. The dampness reacts on them the same as it does on us. Dry cold, clear weather (even snow) can be less cold to them than heavy rain. In the wild their natural coats, grease and ability to roam freely will help to get them out of wind and rain.

As we keep horses/ponies in stables, fields and in a very controlled manner its up to us to protect them from the wet and to make sure our stable management is 100%.

Things to consider:

Good water

Good food

Daily groom and health check 

Dry area to stand on

Dry rugs

Remove and change rugs regularly

Regular checks as the weather can change many times during a day.

Clean, dry bedding if in.

Understand the animal you are looking after and you both will be happy.

You can dream of the good weather to come.