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About Real Equine

Aims and Goals

We will provide help, support and education using our knowledge, qualifications and experiences to aid individuals and teams. Specialising in providing support and development with a deeper understanding of rider and horse/pony combinations.

We will create new pathways which will open doors to a stress free riding experience.  This support will continue through lectures, at your yard, or at your show/event. 


Ali Remmen

 Summary of Qualifications: BHSII / RDA Group Instructor / President of Crowborough and Uckfield St Johns Ambulance


Having spent her childhood competing, training and working around horses Ali decided that she would take up the reins professionally.  Ali achieved her BHSII and her need and want for learning in the equine world continued, grew and never stopped! Ali has trained numerous students over the years for exams and careers in the horse world, most of which have achieved far beyond their original goals, some of whom had little or no horse experience before coming to Ali.

Ali's own competitive career focussed around show jumping, training, producing and competing horses on the European circuit. Taking great pride in her work Ali soon made numerous life long friends and aquaitances which in return gained her new experiences.

Ali has always been someone who focuses a great deal of her time on helping others and improving riding partnerships.  It was this enthusiasm that brought Ali to her next big project creating two popular Channel Four Series of "If Wishes Were Horses"  These episodes followed the "horsey" thrills and spills of a group of children with mixed abilities and interacted with the viewers on both an entertainment and educational level.

Ali managed Oakwood Park, where she ran a series of successful unaffiliated and affiliated shows over a period of 6 to 7 years.  Catering for those who were just starting out, to those qualifying for National Championship shows, from here she was able to widen her area of support and development to numerous rider/handler and horse/pony combinations.

Ali focusses on developing ways to increase confidence levels, riding ability and a more in-depth understanding of both the horse/pony and rider.  

Ali's passion for educating and coaching doesn't stop, her current roles include development of riders, horses/ponies, assisting parents, supportive teams, producing children's and county level show ponies, helping to run and Instruct at the Ashdown Forest Riding for Disabled Group, developing tack and equipment and now combining it all to provide an exceptional educational, support and coaching service with Real Equine.


 Rachel Roberts

 Summary of Qualifications: BHSAI / NCMH / HNDHS / NVQ Level 3 Horse Management / PTTLS


 After a bit of a late start into the Equine world, Rachel was finally hit by the horsey bug and decided that she needed to change direction.  At 17 she left A levels and started training and working 6 days a week at her local riding school.  From here she was able to gain enough knowledge and experience to enter the college system starting off at Cannington College in Somerset. After gaining a few qualifications she left and started her equine career working as a groom for Ali Remmen.

 With Ali's guidance and support she was able to fulfil numerous goals and ambitions as well as gain more qualifications including her BHSAI.

Rachel continued to ride and train with Ali, but worked in various other roles including Programme Management and Lecturing at her local college, as freelance groom for different disciplines and helped within the Ashdown Forest Riding for Disabled group.

 Rachel's competitive route has mainly focussed around showing and the working hunter classes.  This has involved taking numerous young horses into their first classes, starting with In Hand, Ridden and eventually Workers, to qualifying and competing at national championship shows. With the guidance and support of a good team Real Equine has successfully started, trained and owns some well educated, level headed equines!

After teaching a wide variety of students Rachel soon learnt that horses/ponies mean and offer different things for individuals, some may take a competitive career, others may consider them a hobby or type of therapy, to some they may be a loved companion.  It was these elements that stuck and helped motivate and shape Rachel's teaching methods, finding new ways of setting and reaching goals, communicating and changing her general approach.



As Real Equine we are here to help your journey into the horse/pony world.

We are offering

Books...Book 1 An Introduction to Horse Shows

 Lectures, demonstrations, group and private session are available to support the book subject.

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