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I have kept my ponies at Ali’s for over 18 years and still have Nessie with Ali now.

Ali took me on aged 7 - a pony mad girl who wanted to be with horses every second of the day. Ali taught me so much in her lessons (and still does!) from the correct position, diagonals, paces, the correct speed, jumping and importantly never blame your pony and patience. Having a perfect pony does not straight away. Ali taught me how to understand the pony at the time and to work with them not against them ever. Ali’s very clever ways in the school amaze me now, one that stays in my mind was that when we fell off Ali quickly ran over to see if we are okay and to tell us we “owned” that piece of the sand school we fell on and to get straight back on! The clever distraction certainly made us all smile, get back on and I still believe I own a lot of the sand school!

I met Rachel aged 10 when she came to work at the yard. Rachel too has taught me so much both in lessons and caring for the pony. She definitely became ‘Aunty Rach’ to all my different ponies over the years. Rach would work endlessly during the week so when u came to ride at the weekend my ponies would be super like magic! (but really all down to Ali and Rach’s very hard work)

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Ali Remmen taught my daughter to ride for 6 years, from the age of 6 - 12. Ali is one of those wonderful people who has a great gift for teaching and an instinctive affinity with children. She knows just how to get the best out of them and it is all done in a very positive way with lots of praise and encouragement.
My daughter learnt so much during her time with Ali; not just learning to ride but all aspects of stable management and pony care which led to greater self-confidence and independence.
Ali has also given us sound advice on having a loan pony and livery.




We would be delighted to endorse Rachel and her capabilities. She has
introduced our daughter to a depth of knowledge regarding ponies, how
they think, how they respond to people, and particularly how our
daughter can understand and empathise with her pony. Rachel's tuition is
so much greater than the sum of the parts because she teaches in an
holistic manner which paints a whole picture rather than a series of
isolated instructions. This is all communicated in an empathetic and
friendly manner, with each day tuned and intuitively tailored to suit
our daughter's mood and the pony's mood on the day.


Our daughter feels that under Rachel's tuition she has gained a more
complete experience than the 'riding school experience', with each step
forward being made in an evolutionary manner when she has the confidence
to progress.


Although our daughter's riding technique and horse knowledge has
developed hugely since being with Rachel, the benefit of her coaching
extends way beyond this into valuable life skills for our daughter.


We are SO glad that we found you and Ali - Hannah loves coming and
really benefits!


Best wishes Esther




Riding and Equine lessons (well ‘play dates’ as far as he’s concerned) with Rachel have transformed my 5 year old son – he has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to always sit on and be around ponies at home however in now buying his own first pony that will take him from lead rein to first ridden over the next year or so we decided he should have some structured learning.


This has absolutely remained ‘fun’ but the improvement in his riding has been amazing. As a direct result of the teaching ability I also see him immediately and naturally using at home the knowledge and skills he has been shown around the stables and ponies in his lessons, not only helping his own safety and interaction with ‘Fudge’ but also helping his younger brother with ‘Crunchie’ as he shares his new found skills and knowledge.


I have to say, despite having ridden all my life I also take something away from each lesson that then enables me to help my sons at home in their understanding and enjoyment of riding. Even if this is just being able to explain in a language they then understand, how to do something.